NORTH ROYALTON, Ohio – Each year, you can count on some new fad to invade schools and office buildings alike. Last year, it was the bottle-flipping craze, this year, it’s fidget spinners.

Fidget Spinners were designed for those who, well, fidget.

Whether it’s because of ADHD, anxiety, other disorders, or just boredom, fidget spinners are designed to give the user something to do. It keeps you from biting your nails, tapping a pen, or doing other fidgety tasks.

For sixth grader Garrett Polverine, he says fidget spinners are just “fun!”

“It’s better than nothing, I guess. It’s, like, better than tapping and making noise in the classroom,” Garrett said.

Prices for fidget spinners range from $2 to upwards of $20 on Amazon. The prices vary according to the design and it may take weeks to ship, depending on which one you choose.

“I bought 2 for about $15,” Garrett said, adding “some people buy them then sell them for way more than they buy them for.”

While they were designed to help people focus, relieve stress, and stop fidgeting, the fidget spinners are now becoming a distraction in some classrooms due to their popularity.

On social media, one student said their fidget spinner was confiscated and the teacher was now playing with it.

The rules in schools aren’t clear-cut when it comes to the new fad.

Garrett says most teachers at his school don’t mind, but he doesn’t know what will happen in the future.

Let’s face it, fidget spinners – like all fads – may not be around for long anyway.