BAY VILLAGE -- The frigid temperatures have left Lake Erie frozen and some ducks in trouble.

About a dozen ducks, mostly diving ducks, have been rescued since the beginning of December at the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center. Wildlife officials said the frozen lake has forced some ducks looking for other open water options, leaving some stranded on land.

Tim Jasinski, wildlife rehabilitation specialist, said some ducks are found stuck on the ground after confusing icy roads and parking lots for open water.

A long-tailed duck was found with ice frozen to its vent and tail in a Home Depot parking lot. The duck weighed in at 352 grams, but should have weighed at least 800 grams, according to Jasinski.

Jasinski and his team are helping to take care of the ducks until they're healthy enough to be released back into the wild.

Jasinski notes a few tips on how to spot a duck that may be in trouble:

  • Squinted eyes
  • Lethargy
  • Ice buildup
  • Puffiness

If a duck is found in trouble, Jasinski recommends placing the duck in a box with air holes, no food or water, and kept in a dark, quiet area. People are encouraged to call the Lake Erie Nature & Science Center in Bay Village or another licensed rehabber.