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New footage shows 2 skydivers crashing through building in Geauga County in October

The accident took place when the two skydivers accidentally became tangled with one another in mid-air.

GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio — New footage reveals the moment that two skydivers crashed through the building of a training facility in Troy Township this past October.

According to a report from the Geauga County Sheriff's Office, the accident occurred when two skydivers accidentally collided and became tangled with one another while in mid-air. They proceeded to crash through the Cleveland Skydiving Center, with one of the skydivers landing on a man who was walking inside the building.

One of the skydivers was transported by Medevac, while the male who was inside the building was transported by squad to Geauga Hospital. The other skydiver refused to be transported to the hospital by squad and friends on scene said that they would transport him to the hospital.

After speaking to the U.S. Parachute Association, neither the Geauga Sheriff nor the Parachute Company will not be reporting the incident to the FAA.

You can watch the incident below:

In a statement, Marcie Anne, the owner and operator of Cleveland Skydiving Center told 3News that the injuries suffered are minor in nature and include a broken foot and fractured arm. She said that the accident was "completely out of the ordinary and unexpected."

The full statement reads:

"On Saturday October 25th between the hours of 2 and 3pm, two experienced, solo skydivers with a Unites States Parachuting Association Professional D License had an accident that caused them to collide under parachute falling into the roof of the hangar on the facilities property.  Both skydivers have thousands of skydives themselves and hundreds of skydives with each other and were under fully functioning parachutes at the time of the collision.  Upon falling through the roof, one of the skydivers struck another skydiver on the ground inside of the building. The owner Marcie Anne, witnessing it from the main office about 75 yards away contacted 911 not initially knowing the extent of the injuries.  All parties involved were only minorly injured with a broken foot and a fractured arm.  This was completely out of the ordinary and unexpected.  We are very fortunate and happy that our friends are safe and were able to walk away from this with only minor injuries.  Repairs are being done on the hangar and the skydiving operations resumed as normal the following morning.  All of the skydivers involved are looking forward to returning to the sky in the near future.  The facility is very thankful for the timely response of the Troy Township Fire Department, University Hospital Personnel and all other first responders that came to aid the fallen jumpers."

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