Back in November, the City of Akron announced plans to cut down over 400 trees around Geauga County's LaDue Reservoir, a city watershed property Akron owns.

The decision was to generate much needed revenue for the cash-strapped city and will generate over $122,000 in cash.

Residents in the area have been voicing concerns about the project, and worry about the impacts on water quality and wildlife in the area.

The plot of land, on the Southwest corner of LaDue Reservoir, was once farmland. Kathryn Hanratty, a resident of Geauga County, says what they've heard from the city and what the paperwork that's been submitted to the State of Ohio say two different things.

She says a group of concerned residents walked the wooded area with a counter, and "clicked" for each tree marked for removal. They came up with 594 marked trees. The City of Akron has said repeatedly that ony 412 trees will be removed.

Also, residents worry about more timber removal and possible sale of property to developers. The City of Akron denies plans to sell watershed lands for development, but in paperwork submitted to the State of Ohio, they are calling this a "pilot program". Hanratty and others believe this means more logging is on the way.

Residents are holding a public meeting this Thursday evening in Auburn Township where people can come and share concerns and ask questions. The City of Akron has been invited to the meeting, but the group says they have had no response.

The meeting will take place at Adam's Hall, 11455 Washington Street, Auburn, Ohio at 7PM.