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'We could not have asked for a better result from today' | Geauga County Drag queen brunch takes place without incident

Protestors were chanting loudly outside of the event happening as well as counter-protestors at the event.

CHARDON, Ohio — Protestors gathered in Geauga County on Saturday outside of Element 41 in Chardon Square, where a drag queen brunch was being hosted.

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Protestors were chanting loudly outside of the event happening as well as counter-protestors.  

As weather conditions began to change, many of the protestors began to leave. 

"We could not have asked for a better result from today. Our plan from the very beginning was to have a fun day for parents and kids, for adults at the drag brunch," Reverend Jess Peacock said.

Reverend Jess Peacock has had a three weeks full of threats. Security planning and concern for safety after announcing a drag fundraiser at Element 41 in Chardon followed by a community drag story hour at the community church of Chesterland UCC… several dozen protesters turned out at the brunch… shouting bible verses and preaching that people attending the event were living in sin.

"We're here to proclaim the name of Jesus Christ and let them know that their lifestyle is wrong in the eyes of God and they need to repent before it's too late." A man protesting against the drag brunch who wouldn't give his name said.

Counter-protester Jennifer who supports the drag events had this to say:

"I am loving that there's probably 10 times more people over here than over there, it's fantastic," Jennifer said.

Andrew was at the vigil earlier this week AND the drag brunch today, here's what he took away from the event.

"We're all about love, we have no agenda more than love one another, be who you are, don't be afraid to be out there in the world, that's all we want," Andrew said.

Members of the alt-right extremist group the Patriot Front were protesting across the street, their faces covered and dressed in military style attire.

That was shortly drowned out by the rain, and a couple hours later in Chesterland, Drag Queen story hour was about to begin

"I just wanted to show my kids inclusivity and we're here with some friends who identify in the LGBTQ plus community," Parent Jennifer said.

There were four drag queens reading books from one titled "Just Add Glitter" to "the Very Bad Egg" and a break for the Simon Says song.

"I think it's great for our kids to be exposed to all forms of art and to show them that it's okay for them to be who they are," Parent Alicia said.

The parents we spoke to at the story hour spoke about wanting their kids to be surrounded by acceptance of all people, including the LGBTQ community.

For Reverend Peacock, he's hopeful that this event happening peacefully sends a strong message.

"When differences of opinion are delt with through violence and fear and hate, that makes me worried about the future, but at the same time, I am emboldened today because the community came out," Peacock said.

Credit: Maria Iannucci


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