CHESTERLAND, Ohio — The Alpine Valley ski resort opens its doors this weekend, and although the slopes are quiet now, snow tubing kicks off in a week. Alpine Valley Public Relations Manager, Thomas Conti says snow tubing is a fun activity for all ages.

“There is actually no age limit with tubing, so that’s the great thing about it. The only thing we require is that everyone be in their own tube, although you can link up. So say you have a young child, you can link up and head down the lanes together,” says Conti.

Over the next week, Alpine Valley staff will be busy making real snow!

“We turn water into snow. We break it down into very small water particles and we have it shoot out of one of our snow guns which creates man-made snow. While the water particle is in the air, it drops and turns into to a snow flake creating all this beautiful white snow you see on our slopes,” says Conti.

He adds staff will be putting finishing touches on the snow tube course.

“We carve specific tubing lanes. So lanes have some banks and walls on the side and you’re going down on a straight area. You’re in a tube nice and tight. It’s a really fun experience,” says Conti.

There is no ski lift to the tubing area, but Alpine Valley has you covered if you plan to spend a lot of time riding the slopes.

“We have a conveyor belt there, so you’re not walking up a hill. You literally grab your tube, you stand on the conveyor belt and it takes you to the top of the hill where you’re ready to go down,” says Conti.

Although the ski resort is open every day, snow tubing is only available on Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays.

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It costs $25 for a three hour regular session, $59 for an unlimited day pass, and $69 for an unlimited season pass for snow tubing.