AKRON, Ohio -- From cars to bikes, the abandoned downtown Innerbelt might just transform into a bike park within the next two years, thanks to the Knight Cities Challenge. If you take this highway often, you may soon need to find a new route.

It was a $120,000 grant from the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, a contest to help cities attract and keep talented people, all while expanding economic opportunities.

Jonathan Morschl, partner at Four Point’s Architectural Services Inc., submitted three ideas to the foundation. The foundation chose 158 finalists from across the world, but only ten were from Akron.

"Once I saw how many entries there were, which was over 5,000, I believe it’s pretty incredible to look back and think my idea out of all of those was one of the few that was selected," Morschl said.

Many residents in the area were excited to hear the news and mentioned how safe it would be too.

"I’ve almost been hit by cars several times. I think it will totally help with safety issues, and it will be a lot of fun for us so I’m all for it!" Craig, a biker, said.

Morschl said he hopes that within the next year, he’ll have a better idea of the exact look, and how much the new bike park will cost.

The Cuyahoga Explore-A-Foot also received $70,000 through this foundation. He said he still has to meet with the city for the final okay.