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Career restart: Finding the perfect job, regardless of your age

3News’ Jay Crawford recently spoke with Ken Lindner, the author of a new book called “Career Choreography."

CLEVELAND — The pandemic has left millions of Americans without a job. It’s also given others time to think about what they really want to do. 

Either way, re-entering the workforce can be a scary venture.

3News’ Jay Crawford recently spoke with Ken Lindner, the author of a new book called “Career Choreography."

The Amazon Best Seller gives readers a step-by-step guide to finding the perfect job, regardless of your age.

Lindner said there are three things you need to remember when re-entering the workforce: know what you do well, make a list, and reach out to people you know.

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Know what you do well: Know your experiences, education, what in your life has prepared you to do what makes you a good asset to a team.

Make a list: Write down all of the things that make you invaluable.

Reach out to people you know: People you know you, know your character. They might hire you, or refer you to someone else.

Crawford also asked Lindner what he recommends for job seekers over the age of 45, who may be looking for a career reset.

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“Stay relevant. Know everything about a perspective employer with whom you are interviewing. Know everything about the industry you want to return to or go into and as I said, stay in touch with people who know you, because going through job searches, going through interviews with people who don’t know you, you’re just a resume. The people who know you can really weigh in and hopefully hire or recommend you. ” Lindner said.

His advice to college kids is to figure out what sets them apart from the others, whether it’s education or work experience. The expert added that applicants need to show their passion, commitment, and knowledge of the company.


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