Willowick police on Tuesday announced they had found the suspect in the hit-skip crash that left two elementary school boys injured.

The 18-year-old woman was contacted after her car was found at the Cleveland Clinic's main campus. According to officials, she admitted to driving around the stopped school bus, hitting the children, and fleeing the scene.

Thankfully, neither of the boys appear to have suffered serious injuries. WKYC was able to speak with the father of one of them in the aftermath of the incident.

Emerson Messner told our Andrew Horansky his son (whom he asked us not to name) is "doing fine" despite being "bruised up and sore." He added the child didn't want to talk much about the incident, although he apparently was back at school just a day after.

As for the alleged driver, Messner said her actions made him "sick to [his] stomach," and he also hopes she at least learns from what she did.

"It's up to us as adults to follow the laws, especially around school buses," he said. "It's sad what happened. I'm grateful my son and the other little boy [are] fine and walked away from this..."

You can watch the full interview with Messner in the player above.