Willoughby Police are investigating after a man was found dead inside a home late Monday night.

Officers were asked to perform a welfare check on the 37000 block of Arlington Dr. around 11:24 p.m., but discovered the home was locked. After looking though the windows, they noticed the victim lying dead on the floor of one of the bedrooms.

The deceased has since been identified as 59-year-old Sam Pizzuto. Investigators say it appears a struggle occurred inside the house, resulting in his death. The Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner later concluded Pizzuto died of blunt force trauma to the head.

"It's too bad,” said Bruce Trolli, a man who lives a few doors down from where Pizzuto was found. “I feel sad for his family and anyone who knew him."

Pizzuto’s death is shaking up this quiet suburban neighborhood.

"For something like this to happen in this neighborhoods is just scaring me," said Diane Marcadante.

It’s a community where Debbie Tolar doesn't mind walking her dog alone. She says it’s shocking something like this happened in her neighborhood.

"I've grown up in Willoughby my whole life, and as they say, I'm very comfortable here,” Tolar said. "It's alarming of course,” she said. “But I think you know everybody has to be aware and pay attention wherever they are."

Diane Marcadante says she is a widow and incidents like this “scare” her. Holding in tears while she talks, Marcadante hopes for the family and the community's sake, answers into what happened come sooner rather than later.

"I don’t know if he lived by himself or not that's very sad. I feel bad for the family and I hope they catch him," she said.

At this time, authorities say there is no information regarding possible motive or suspects. Anyone with such information is asked to contact Willoughby Police Detectives Knack and Krejsa at (440) 953-4210, with the reference number 18-19483.