PAINESVILLE, Ohio — Painesville Municipal Court Judge Michael Cicconetti, widely known for imposing creative sentences on those who pass through his courtroom, has announced his retirement.

Cicconetti has not announced a final day in court, but the Lake County Bar Association will host a retirement party for him March 19. Those wishing to attend can learn more here.

Cicconetti began serving Painesville Municipal Court in 1994. His creative sentences have generated national attention, such as when he ordered a man to mow a lawn with an old-fashioned push mower. Or there was the time he gave a woman the option to walk 30 miles after she didn't pay a cab driver for a 30-mile trip. 

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A teen also experienced Cicconetti's innovation when he was ordered to spend 60 days in jail or teach a class on how to save a life with the Red Cross.

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Then there was the paintball sentence. Two young men shot paintballs at a house and in return, Cicconetti ordered them to shoot pink paintballs at their own car. They also had to clean the car afterward and contribute 40 hours of community service to Habitat for Humanity.

The chicken suit sentence also requires mentioning when recalling Cicconetti's career. 

Three Lake County men were caught in an undercover police sting for misdemeanor crimes. Cicconetti, who said he was inspired by the movie "The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas", sentenced each defendant to wear a chicken suit for an hour while holding a sign stating there is no chicken ranch in Painesville. The alternative option was 20 days behind bars.