Painesville Township — They are already making Painesville Township proud with an impromptu Heimlich maneuver they swear was a life saver.

And it's a good thing because when you meet Luke Peterson and Teagan Baus, it’s hard to imagine one without the other.

They are 11-year-old buddies from way back.

Kindergarten to be exact.

When you've been best friends that long, it's kinda like being married.

Teagan and Luke tend to finish each other's sentences, and know each other’s thoughts.

So on Thursday at Buckeye Elementary in Painesville Township, of course Luke and Teagan were sitting together for lunch when all of a sudden, "I was choking! I didn't know the universal sign for choking,” says Teagan.

A wayward salami sandwich was stuck!!!

"Then I knew he was choking definitely and his face started turning purple and blue," said Luke.

Luke keeps it real when he says, "I thought I was going to die."

That’s when Luke surprised even himself and did the Heimlich maneuver.

"I was never taught to do it. I must have seen it somewhere," says Luke looking back.

It was like Luke Peterson was a super hero that day. It turns out he's got real moves like one.

He’s a 3rd degree black belt at just 11 years old.


Luke is the ATA district champion in combat weapon sparring in Ohio for 2017.

You know that and it’s no wonder, he saved the day on Thursday.

They are 2 good grateful kids in a world that could sure use more of them.

Heroes of the Buckeye Elementary 5th grade.

“It feels good that he's alive,” says Luke.

“I'm not dead!," Teagan makes his very poignant point again.

“It's like it came out and oh! it feels nice breathing oxygen!" Teagan elaborates.

Painesville Township trustees, so happy to see such great kids, are going to be the first up to honor them..

Making their heroism and downright adorableness, downright award worthy.