They live to work, going full on into the most dangerous situations.

Police K-9 Ekko did in Eastlake until he retired in 2013.

Officer Mike Ward from the Eastlake Police Department is leading the push to get another K9, fighting crime in the city.

"The possibility of tracking a suspect and actively finding them goes up. Finding Narcotics is so much easier," says Ward.

He sees the drug problem firsthand. Particularly the heroin problem, and overdose calls.

"Sometimes we have2-3 an hour. We were right up there #1 and #2 leading Lake county in drug overdoses"

A police K-9, he's convinced, would help get Eastlake out of the top two.

"Drugs are coming into Eastlake somehow. For Traffic stops we could run the dog around the car to indicate if there are drugs in the car. It's so basic," says Ward.

But a police K-9 is not cheap.

"No. No it's not. For the dog, the equipment you need for the dog, the training, to certify the dog and the handler to work the road and be in a patrol function costs about $20,000. The Dog needs a K-9 cruiser. The car with the cage in back outfitted with lights and sirens you are looking at about another $37,000 so all told, approximately $60,000," says Ward, and adds they are about a third of the way there with $20,000 combined from the city of Eastlake and Eastlake businesses.

He's hoping a GoFundMe account now at just $300 can bring in the last $40,000, So the bad guys don't get the last laugh since Ekko retired.

"One officer made comments to suspects in a home... and said "Eastlake K-9! Come out of the house or I'm going to release the dog!" And the suspect said I know the dog retired. You're lying," Ward laughs.

But cocky bold bad guys, beware. If Officer Mike Ward gets his way, the joke's gonna be on you.