A Painesville officer suffered minor injuries Saturday after a pickup truck a police cruiser during a traffic stop.

According to authorities, two officers were conducting a traffic stop on West Walnut Ave. around 2 a.m. when two vehicles approached in opposite directions. Dashcam video posted on the department's Facebook page shows a sedan attempting to pass on the left side but ending up in the way of an oncoming pickup truck.

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The truck struck the sedan (which in turn hit the car that was originally stopped by police) before eventually colliding head-on with the police cruiser. One officer that was speaking with the driver in the stop was able to alertly get out of the way thanks to being on the passenger's side, while a second officer still in the cruiser had to be taken to Tripoint Medical Center. That officer was later released.

Painesville police say they are sharing the video "to give insight into the dangers faced daily by police officers across the country who are tasked with protecting their communities and deterring accidents by enforcing traffic violations." They say it is important to slow down and wait to safely pass with caution when encountering a traffic stop.

The Ohio State Highway Patrol is investigating the incident.