WILLOUGHBY HILLS -- Police Chief Christopher Collins says his job is safe amid rumors stemming from Mayor Robert Weger's feud with city council.

Collins issued a news release Thursday morning to address the matter, saying he met with Weger Wednesday to discuss his status as police chief.

"He assured me that despite the current political climate my position as Chief was secure with him," Collins' statement said.

Collins also assured residents that his department's priority remains the safety of the Willoughby Hills community.

Willoughby Hills' city hall has been at the center of a heated dispute between Weger and city council after Weger tried to fire six council members. Those council members filed for a restraining order against Weger on the city's behalf. A judge granted the request earlier this week, meaning the council members will retain their positions for the time being.

A court hearing on the matter will be held in no more than two weeks.