WILLOWICK, Ohio — Either the Wolf of Wall Street is up to some more illegal activities, or someone is trying to use an actor's name to avoid being caught.

A Willowick resident called police when she received a suspicious package delivered to her home Thursday.

The package was addressed to "Gran Martino" and the return label listed the sender as "Leonardo Dicappio," not to be confused with actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The return address was printed as 641 NE 4th St. in Corvallis, Oregon. 

When Willowick police reached out to the Oregon Police Department, officers determined there was no such address. 

The Lake County Bomb Squad was called to the scene to examine the package with an X-ray device, which determined that the package likely contained marijuana.

A drug K-9 was called to the scene and alerted positively to the package.

When a bomb squad member opened the package, they found marijuana and possible heroin inside. Detectives collected the items for evidence and are still investigating.