Hillary Clinton is doing everything she can to try and win Ohio on Election Day this Tuesday.

She and Cleveland Cavaliers' LeBron James hosted a Cleveland rally Sunday afternoon at 4:30 .

They took the stage just before 4:30 p.m. and thanked everyone for coming out.

LeBron spoke for only a minute before Hillary Clinton began speaking.

Hillary Clinton said that LeBron James "...is using the national platform he earned to advocate for children." She kept stressing that "this election is about the future."

She said that our American values have been tested. She spoke about people that come up to her in the street or in a coffee shop and take her hand and speak to her. She stressed how important it is to vote on Tuesday..."and there's a lot of frustration and anger in this election..."

She stressed that "...we are going to grow our economy from the middle out...not from the top down..."

Clinton said there is a lot of work to be down and there are jobs to be done and we need it to be done by workers right here in Ohio.

She said that we are going to have energy-renewable jobs and put people to work.

She added that "I really believe in hard work...I believe everybody needs to be paid fairly...and the minimum wage should be raised..."

"I want to get childcare affordable...in some states, childcare costs more than in-state colleges..: she said.

"I am not raising taxes..." she added.

"And another barrier we need to knock down is making college affordable for everyone," Clinton said. "I believe a good education is a good investment."

"Elections are about the future...we have a lot of work to do...nobody should sit this one out...I want a better, fairer, stronger America.." she said.

She ended with "Love trumps hate, thank you."