CLEVELAND — It’s a new way to cover newsmakers. You want transparency, right? Let's be clear, then.

"Let's Be Clear" is all about transparency. WKYC has a clear, mobile newsroom that we're taking across the state over the next few weeks to talk to those making headlines in Ohio. Whether you agree with the guest, disagree, or are a fan of them, we know you have questions for them. 

So you’re going to be the one asking the questions. Write in what you want to know and our Will Ujek will pose it to them… live. You can tweet questions with #3LetsBeClear or leave them on our Facebook page.   

On Friday we sat down with Cleveland native and actress Monica Potter.

Potter has been in a number of notable roles, including in "Con Air", "Patch Adams", "Saw" and NBC's "Parenthood." She now owns Monica Potter Home, a skin care and home decor store in Cleveland.

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