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Let's Be Clear: An open conversation with Cedar Point GM Jason McClure

Hear from the man who oversees America's Roller Coast.

SANDUSKY, Ohio — You want your local newsmakers to be open and honest with you, right? Let's be clear, then.

"Let's Be Clear" is all about transparency. WKYC has a clear, mobile newsroom that we're taking across the state over the next few weeks to talk to those making headlines in Ohio. Whether you agree with the guest, disagree, or are a fan of them, we know you have questions.

We kicked off Season 2 of Let's Be Clear yesterday with former Cleveland Cavalier Channing Frye. Click here to watch past episodes of "Let's Be Clear."

On Wednesday, we sat down with Jason McClure, vice president and general manager of Cedar Point.

McClure has overseen much of Cedar Point's most significant transformations and additions since taking on his role in 2014. Check back here, or on our Facebook page at 4:30 p.m. to watch our conversation with him.

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McClure hinted at plans for the park's 150th season celebration next year, explained how the park determines its admission prices and discussed what's new at the park this summer.

You can watch the full interview again below:

McClure called ticket pricing a "complicated process," noting that the park has capacity goals to meet and investors to keep in mind.

"We want to balance out the park experience for our guest," he explained. "We want to have a certain amount of value, don't want it to be too overcrowded, and we definitely want to hit our revenue goals to make it as accessible to as many people as we can."

The park is rolling out several new attractions this year, including the Monster Jam Thunder Alley and the Forbidden Frontier on Adventure Island. 

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"The story unfolds based on the guests' interaction with the characters so every day, the experience is different," McClure said of the Forbidden Frontier. "It's going to be a unique thing to do at Cedar Point. It's something we've never done before."

With so much anticipation for the park's 150th season in 2020, McClure didn't want to ruin any surprises, but hinted that the celebration will include the full park and its history.

"What will be great about 150, it'll be a total celebration of the entire Cedar Point experience," McClure said. "...It's going to be a party, it's going to last all year along. And we will celebrate in just about any way possible."

McClure dispeled rumors of any monster-sized roller coasters popping up for the 150th celebration, noting that they'd already be under construction if they were in the plans. He did, however, reveal that a new ride can be expected.

"It'd be weird to have an anniversary without some kind of ride," he said.

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