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Let's Be Clear: An open conversation with Kent State graduate and controversial gun rights proponent Kaitlin Bennett

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On Monday, we spoke with Kaitlin Bennett, best known for her viral photos on Kent State University's campus, where she posed with her gun and graduation cap. Since then, she's become a controversial figure on social media.

Bennett says she's proud that she's best known for being a proponent of gun rights, something that's helped her gain a following. She said she felt like Kent State University, where she graduated last May, pushed a liberal agenda and she felt the need to take a stance for her right wing-libertarian views.

"I said, where's my side? Where's the people who think like me? Why aren't we doing anything about it? So I said, well, if no one's going to do anything about it, I will," Bennett said.

Bennett said she "wanted to go out with a bang" when she graduated, which led to the viral photo of her carrying her gun and graduation cap. She said she wasn't necessarily looking for internet fame when she did it, she simply wanted to get the attention of Kent State administration.

"It was to get my point across and I think it did that," Bennett said.

Bennett's point, she says, is to stand for no regulations when it comes to guns.

"No gun control at all," she explained. "No background checks, no restrictions. If the government and military can have it, we should be able to have it."

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Since her viral graduation photo gained traction, Bennett has become the host of several videos in which she takes to the streets to interview strangers about polarizing viewpoints, like gun control and abortion. Bennett recently joined InfoWars, another polarizing and controversial outlet, headed by radio host Alex Jones.

Though Bennett said she doesn't always agree with Jones, she appreciates him because he allows those who work for him to carry their own opinions.

"He does not want everyone at InfoWars to be an echo chamber," she explained. "He wants people with different opinions. As long as we're exposing the deep state, and going against the state and the government and exposing them, he's all for it."

Bennett says her end game is to expose the left for what she says is intolerance, as well as to inspire others to take a stance with her. 

"...If I want the whole world to know something about me, it's that I carry," she added.

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