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Local high schools host unique graduations to honor Class of 2020

Go inside several high school graduations to see how they honored local graduates

Graduation parades wound through neighborhoods as Cuyahoga Falls and Harvey High School honored their seniors Tuesday night. For Warrensville Heights High School, their graduating seniors and their families attended had a drive-in style graduation ceremony. Graduating senior Omahn Dobbins was pleasantly surprised.

“I didn’t expect them to come out and do this because. I mean I thought once quarantine and stuff I thought it would just be like we come to get our diplomas and then that’s that,” says Dobbins.

Students like Katrice McNair spoke out and told school leaders they wanted something for graduation as close as possible to the real thing.  

“We just wanted to walk across the stage. That was the goal from the beginning of school,” says McNair.

High School faculty and staff got busy and made it happen all across our area! Warrensville Heights High School graduates watched themselves walk across the stage on a pre-taped video and celebrated from vehicles.

“I wasn’t expecting it to be as live as it is,” says Dobbins.

Whether a drive-in graduation, or a parade through town, Warrensville Heights Valedictorian David Hughley III shared a wish for the Class of 2020.

“I hope we can go to college like normal students and achieve our hopes and dreams,” says Hughley.

Hughley has big dreams that he plans to achieve.

“I hope to major in accounting, graduate from Youngstown, go back and major in Political Science and hopefully come back to Warresnville and become Mayor,” says Hughley.

School leaders say the students have the skills, talents and abilities to go far. So even though their senior year was cut short, their dreams, won’t be. Warrensville Heights Superintendent Donald Jolly II says he is incredibly proud of the send off the seniors are getting and wishes everyone success.

“To the Class of 2020, you are the best and brightest in the state of Ohio and we are so proud that you are part of our great alumni family of the Warrensville Heights Tigers. One team, one vision, one goal, we all we got,” says Jolly.

Credit: Romney Smith
A graduating Warrensville High School senior displays her creative graduation cap!
Credit: Romney Smith
Families maintain a physical distance while cheering on their graduating senior at Warrensville Heights High School's drive-in graduation.

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