ELYRIA — An Elyria neighborhood is dealing with a big cockroach problem.

“I ain’t talking about five or six of them,” said Dan Horton, who filed a complaint with the city about them. “When you move something, you see like a thousand."

Hundreds, if not, thousands of cockroaches have spread to at least five properties. They are coming from a house on 435 14th St, which is around the corner from Horton, but on the same street as his garage.

The owner of property tells WKYC he cleaned the roach infested house more than a week ago. He said his evicted tenant left it a filthy mess. He sprayed it a few times now and more is on the way, but the pest aren't going away easy, he said.

"I don’t have any love for cockroaches," said Lori MaKuch.

The army of cockroaches showing no love for Makuch either. She found them hanging out in her car. MaKuch is far from happy about it.

"If I see them in my house, I'm going to pack all my stuff up. Get a Uhaul. Throw bombs in it. And, I'm getting the hell out,” she said.

Dan Horton said one house, which had an extermination sign on it, had about 500 cockroaches on the back porch. Horton found a lot in his garage too and around his trash can.

"They are in the ground and wood everywhere. We are just plagued with cockroaches,” he said. "And we don't live like that. We don't live like that."

Horton filed a complaint with the city. The Lorain County Public Health Department came to inspect the home on Tuesday and ordered the homeowner to clean it up.

Something neighbors say can't come soon enough.

"I never lived with roaches and I refuse to live with roaches,” said MaKuch.

The owner of the property says he will take care of the properties who were affected by the roach infested house.

Lorain County Public Health says it will send someone out to re-inspect the property once the owner believes he got all of the cockroaches.