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Is the Lorain Palace Theater haunted?

A new documentary called "Ghosts of the Palace" chronicles the haunted history of the Lorain Palace Theater.

The city of Lorain is hoping to be the dark horse candidate to get Amazon's second headquarters. Mayor Chase Ritenauer says he has put in a bid.

We just hope the people of Amazon aren't afraid of ghosts.

The Lorain Palace Theater opened in 1928. Inside, it's sort of spooky.

Chris Pataky has been there for about a year. And in that time, the theater's spirits have made themselves known. "There are some weird things that happen around here," he says. "I have had the goosebumps and the spine tingly feelings. I actually saw a black cloud or black mass when I came out of the bathroom one night, and that was unique."

David Hensley of EVP Mediums and his crew were approached by the NEO Paranomal Society to do an investigation of the Palace and jumped on the opportunity. He and his crew gathered evidence and even had a few contacts with someone...or something.

"Everybody in Lorain knows about the F-5 tornado in 1924," says Hensley.

While in the basement, they asked "Was anyone here killed in the Tornado?"

"We get with crystal clarity, it happened June 24. That's the exact date the tornado hit Lorain," Hensley adds.

The group produced a documentary called "Ghosts of the Palace," that is being shown at the Lorain Palace Theater on Friday night.

Walking through the lobby, you do seem to go back in time. It's just perhaps some spirits from that time decided not to leave.

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