In Lorain County, a community is mourning the loss of a high school student, killed in a car crash overnight.

Kayden Williams was 17 years old when his car was found in a ditch in a single vehicle accident.

"He's a very popular young man, has a lot of friends,” James Kohler, Keystone High principal, said.

“A lot of people care about him."

Kohler was emotional when talking about Williams' impact at the school and in the community.

He still talks about Williams in present tense.

"It's too unreal right now,” Kohler said. “It doesn't feel real, I still expect to see him next week."

That was echoed by many people on Wednesday night at a counseling session for students, friends and family of the high school junior.

"Being on holiday break as well, we just felt like our kids needed to see each other before next week,” Kohler said. "There are probably over 250 people, including family and community members."

His personality, his smile and his talent on the football field all pointed toward a student who had everything going for him.

"We're better off having spent time with Kayden,” Don Griswold, head football coach, said. “I'm a better person for having him in my life."

Griswold said Williams went above and beyond in the classroom and on the field.

"He led our defense with tackles this year, 123 tackles, which is a huge number,” Griswold said. “He was that emotional engine."

Aside from being a great athlete, those close to Williams said he had a quality that set him apart.

“His fun-loving spirit, his smile, his ability to make people laugh is just uncanny,” Kohler said. "He's got the ability to just see maybe someone's not having a good day and he's gonna over and make a joke or something to try and lighten their mood."

It will take some time to heal from the loss, but Kohler said it's something they'll get through together.

"That's one of the beautiful things about Keystone, you never feel alone,” Kohler said. “There's always somebody who's gonna come and help out."