AVON -- The Lake Erie Crushers issued a statement Friday regarding rumors over the stadium's usage.

Sprenger Health Care Stadium is the home field to the Crushers, who begin their season in May.

A recent report by the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram said the Avon High School baseball team, which used the stadium for games and practices, will have a limited number of games to play there this year.

The Chronicle-Telegram reports that the school's use of the field will be "strictly limited" due to a new contract between the Crushers and St. Edward High School.

Avon High School officials reportedly claim the news came without warning, as the Avon baseball team has played at the stadium for eight years.

But the Crushers issued a statement Friday morning to shed their light on the dispute.

According to the statement, Avon High School does not pay to use Sprenger Health Care Stadium, meaning paying clients receive priority for renting the field. The statement says several organizations have agreed to rental contracts with the Crushers this season.

"Due to this increase in field rental contracts for 2018, field availability for non-paying clients has become limited, which means Avon High School Baseball will have limited field access in 2018," the statement said.

The statement also says the Crushers have offered up five game dates and several practice dates to Avon High School.

The Chronicle-Telegram reports Avon High School officials as saying the Crushers had no interest in negotiating the field's usage, but the Crushers' statement says that is "simply not true."

Avon High School officials declined to comment.