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Lorain City Schools announces mask mandate for students and staff

The change in policy comes after 32 positive cases of COVID-19 were reported, resulting in 48 students being quarantined.

LORAIN, Ohio — Yet another Northeast Ohio school district has changed course and moved to impose a mask mandate for its students and staff.

The Lorain City School Board has unanimously voted for a mask requirement for the district's students and staff beginning on Thursday, August 26. The "Masks for All This Fall" mandate will be in place for at least the next 8 weeks. COVID-19 updates in the district will be reported at each board meeting.

According to an email from the district, there are currently 24 students who have tested positive for COVID-19, along with eight staff members. 48 students are currently being quarantined. 

The district says the majority of its cases (30/48) have been traced to close contacts outside of its schools. School cafeterias have been the highest point of exposure, with 14 of its 48 total cases traced back internally. District leaders say they are working on a plan to address that issue. 

Exceptions to Lorain's mask mandate are as follows:

  • Staff who are vaccinated may remove masks while teaching if doing so improves communication during the lesson, lecture or announcement;
  • Staff and students may remove masks while eating and drinking;
  • Students may remove masks to participate in recess, gym, athletics, band and similar activities;
  • NOTE: Individuals with medical fragility as outlined by the CDC or who have diagnoses that prevent them from putting on or taking off their own mask are also exempt. Situations in question will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

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