Did you know: "The Voice" talent competition that you watch on NBC, actually started in Holland?

This year a Northeast Ohio mom auditioned for 'The Voice of Holland' and made the cut!

Jaclyn Bradley Palmer's husband was transferred to Holland for work in 2015. So Palmer threw her hat into the ring with 4,000 others who wanted to be on 'The Voice of Holland' and emerged in the top 50.

She was the only American competing on this season of 'The Voice of Holland.' Friday was her first "battle," a sing off with another contestant.

Palmer, a 1997 graduate of Lorain Catholic High School, told WKYC Channel 3 News she is proud to be representing America in Holland and her hometown of Lorain, Ohio.

"That town really gave me a sense of working hard, of a work ethic, of roots, of knowing who I am.

So when I'm on stage in the Netherlands, a piece of me, a piece of home, was really a part of the experience as well, and that came from my roots I have in Lorain."

Jaclyn's parents, still in Lorain, couldn't be prouder.

"The happiest times in my life are when I am where my daughter is performing," said Jack Bradley, who is also an attorney in Lorain.

Mom, Debora Bradley points out, "At 38-years-old competing with 18 and 22-year-old boys and girls, she is an example of it's never too late to be the person you want to be."

A born performer from Lorain, Jaclyn was the teenager in the play Peter Pan at The Palace Youth Theater, who went on to get a degree in classical opera.

She played in rock and roll bands in New York City,.

She studied music therapy at Cleveland State University.

Palmer even studied the effect of live music on the anxiety of breast cancer patients before surgery.

Her proud dad points out, "The study was published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. So she got international recognition from that too. She not only sings, and performs and writes music but she also does research and was a valuable member of the staff at University Hospital.

"What makes her different is her big heart and she is very humble," says Debora.

Jaclyn has her own daughter now. Beautiful 3-year-old Roma Valentina Palmer is a mini version of her mom.

"She loves to sing. So now we play 'The Voice of Holland' at night. My husband and I turn our backs to her in our chairs, she sings a song and we turn around if we like it," Palmer laughs at just the thought of it.

Palmer did not advance on past Friday's one on one "Battle", but says she feels like she "won" anyway.

"Being on that stage, the music jots you and there is just one thing to do. I did just that and I still felt like a winner," says Palmer.

"She continues to make us proud everyday," says Jack Bradley.

That's this mom and dad's answer and they are sticking to it...with good reason.

Jaclyn Bradley Palmer has an album coming out January 16, as she continues to make a name for herself as the talented musician who hails from Lorain.