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Lorain Schools CEO calls in teachers after school, holds 2-hour meeting following 'selection process' announcement

Low morale with jobs on the line.

LORAIN, Ohio — Teachers at Lorain High School say there is low morale, after CEO David Hardy made a bombshell announcement at a town hall meeting Thursday night.

“All staff members that are in that school will go through a selection process to be a part of that school going into next year,” Hardy said.

In other words, the faculty must reapply for jobs they already have.

Hardy said it was the only way to improve a failing school in need of an intervention.

Yet the board’s vice president believes it stems from a no-confidence vote that teachers made towards the leadership when the state took over after years of poor performance.

“I think it’s just simple retaliation by the CEO and that’s no way to operate our schools,” Lorain School Board Vice President Tony Dimacchia said.

On Friday, Hardy met with teachers at the high school for two hours and outlined what is next.

He told them they have until next Friday to decide if they want to stay, and if so, fill out an intent form.

They will be then interviewed between March 11th and 22nd and know by late April if they are keeping their jobs.

Tenured teachers are guaranteed a job and pay, however, may be moved elsewhere.

The changes apply only to the high school.

Channel 3 News spoke with several teachers, who wished to remain anonymous.

As some questioned the legality, others wondered if it was a plan to turn the campus into a charter school.

It is unclear what options the school board has.

CEO David Hardy was not available for an interview Friday yet did agree to sit down on Monday in the Channel 3 “Let’s Be Clear” mobile studio to answer questions.

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