LORAIN, Ohio -- Andrew Tornabene typically doesn’t take the route he did overnight.

But this night was different.

After seeing the story of missing 2-year-old Lana Lowther, he decided to take a pass through the neighborhood where people were searching while on his way home.

At first, Tornabene thought he spotted an animal when he realized it was a child staggering in the snow.

“She was crying when I got out of the car, and she put her hands up like she was really happy to see me,” Tornabene explains. “She gave me a big hug. I put her in the car, and I was just sitting in the car with her waiting for police. She was just relaxed and calm in the car ‘cause she knew she was safe.”

Lana had been missing for several hours when Tornabene found her.

When Lana was found alive around 1 a.m. Thursday, authorities took her to Mercy Regional Medical Center to be evaluated.

She’s expected to be OK.

Lana Lowther
Lana Lowther