NORTH RIDGEVILLE, Ohio — You won't believe this story. 

On Tuesday, North Ridgeville Police shared the story of a wild pursuit they had with...a cow. 

In case you don't trust us, here was the message that popped up on the police call screen:

Police in North Ridgeville chase cow named Moodini
North Ridgeville Police Department/Facebook

Apparently, somewhere near the intersection of Root and Lorain Roads, a truck that was pulling a trailer had its back door pop open. Out came Moodini the cow. 

Officers picked up Moodini's trail on Root Road and chased him into the open garage of Worcester’s Animal Feed and Pet Supply on Lorain Road. Just when police thought they had Moodini, he escaped out of the open back door, continuing the pursuit. 

Cow named Moodini leads police on wild chase in North Ridgeville
North Ridgeville Police Department/Facebook

Moodini was apparently headed for the highway of State Route 10, but officers were able to head him off into a local soybean field.

Accoriding to North Ridgeville Police's Facebook post, "the owner shows up and immediately lets two more cows loose, which seems like an absolutely horrible idea. Turns out, it totally worked. Our fugitive cow runs over to the other two. After some negotiation, they convince him to get back in the trailer before things get worse."

Here's how the post ended: "Anyway, Moodini is back where he belongs. Nothing is hurt, cars, cows, or people, and the citizens can once again sleep peacefully knowing they will not be trampled to death by a cow while checking their mail. All in a days work. Rest easy citizens. Rest easy."

Do yourself a favor and click here to read the entire Facebook post.