Protesters returned to Gibson's Bakery in Oberlin for a second day in a row to speak out against what they believe was a racially motivated arrest on Wednesday evening.

Officers say Allyn Gibson was attacked after confronting a black male, later identified as Jonathan Aladin, after allegedly witnessing Aladin place two bottles of wine under his shirt while attempting to buy one bottle.

The struggle then moved across the street where two females became involved.

Thee scuffle continued until police arrived and could diffuse the situation.

After evaluating the scene, reporting officers had probable cause to arrest Endia Lawrence, Cecelia Whettstone, and Jonathan Aladin.

Aladin was charged with robbery. while Lawrence and Whettstone were charged with assault.

The protesters believe that Gibson racially profiled Aladin and are unhappy that Gibson was not arrested in the scuffle as well.

One protester told The Chronicle-Telegram that the event was part of a history of “racial profiling and discrimination" at Gibson's.

Another said, "“There is a need for justice to be served to hold Gibson’s accountable for these patterns of injustices and unlawful behavior that have been allowed to continue and go unchecked,” said another organizer, who also declined to be named. “We will not allow for this to continue any longer.”

The Chronicle-Telegram's Bruce Bishop posted this video of the Friday afternoon protests on their Facebook page: