Elyria Police have charged a student who posted a Snapchat photo of a fake bomb and threatened to bring it to Elyria High School Tuesday.

On Monday, police received a call from a male claiming a bomb had been placed in a trash can on school grounds. The caller claimed to be a student at the school who was upset over his grades.

The caller also claimed to have a gun and multiple explosive devices. He threatened to "shoot up" the high school after first period Tuesday. He made additional threats against students, teachers and police.

Police and school staff swept the high school Monday and found no suspicious devices. During that time, a parent reached out to police over a Snapchat sent by one of her son's friends.

The Snapchat post featured a photo of what appeared to be a homemade electrical device illuminated by red, green and blue lights. The photo was captioned with, "Say I won't bring this [expletive] to school. ALLAHU ALBAR" with airplane emojis.

Police learned the student who posted the Snapchat photo was the same student questioned amid last Monday's phone threats that put the high school in lockdown.

Detectives made contact with the 15-year-old sophomore, who admitted to posting the Snapchat photo, but denied any involvement with the phone threats on either day.

The student said he posted the photo because he was upset over students making fun of him regarding last Monday's incident, but quickly removed the post because people believed he was making a bomb.

Detectives seized the device from the photo and determined it was not an explosive.

The student was charged with making terroristic threats and inducing panic.

Police are still investigating the source of both phone threats.