Authorities responded to call Wednesday evening, that reported a fight was in progress as a result of an alleged theft.

The incident took place at Gibson's Bakery in Oberlin.

According to police, Allyn Gibson was attacked after confronting a black male, later identified as Jonathan Aladin, after allegedly witnessing Aladin place two bottles of wine under his shirt.

The struggle then moved across the street where two females became involved.

Thee scuffle continued until police arrived and could diffuse the situation.

After evaluating the scene, reporting officers had probable cause to arrest Endia Lawrence, Cecelia Whettstone, and Jonathan Aladin.

Lawrence and Whettstone were booked for Assault and released on a $1,000 bond.

The two must appear in court Friday November 11.

Aladin, was booked on one count of robbery and transported to Lorain County Jail for holding until his arraignment in Oberlin Municipal Court.

He was also given a court date for November 11.