A new facility in Avon may be best described as a mix between “Crossfit” and “American Ninja Warrior.”

Named “Play CLE,” it is the brainchild of Rocky River entrepreneur Greg Carlin, whose 10-year daughter once wondered, “Why couldn’t ropes courses be indoors?”

“The idea was trying to create a notion of fun and fitness together,” Carlin said, “Where we could take a bunch of outdoor activities, zip lines, aerial ropes course, a ninja course, as well as a few climbing walls, and bring it all together in one facility.”

That was two years ago. Today the facility is a reality and will open Saturday morning just off I-90 at 10AM.

The staff knows a thing or two about this kind of thing.

Manager Michael Nowoslawski recently competed on “American Ninja Warrior” when it came in Cleveland.

For him, Play CLE is about much more than just completing a course. It is about helping people beat the odds.

“How to achieve an obstacle and get through it the correct way,” he said. “Anyone can do this.”

The facility offers challenges for everyone from six-year-olds to senior citizens. Many of the activities can be adjusted for skill level and participants are always tethered to a line.

For those who just want to people watch, though, there is also a restaurant and bar.

More information can be found at http://playcle.com/