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Cleveland Clinic's Dr. Frank Esper sets us straight on flu facts and fiction on Lunch Break

Can you get the flu from a flu shot? And if you're going to get one, do you have to do it before flu season hits?

CLEVELAND — Dr. Frank Esper joined the Lunch Break and broke down what’s fact and what’s fiction, when it comes to common idea surrounding flu shots.

The topics on the menu included whether you can get the flu from the flu shot, if an egg allergy rules you out of be able to get one, if some flu vaccines contained mercury and when you have to get the flu shot in order for it to be effective.

Jay Crawford and Hollie Strano competed against our viewers, who weighed in through a Twitter poll and had their answers shared by Stephanie Haney.

Watch the video to get the answers from Dr. Esper himself, or watch the full show below:

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