The story of baby Brodie Tigue, alive because of his mom's life-saving organ donation, is headed for the national spotlight.

It's a story that inspired so many of you when WKYC first introduced you to Brodie and his mom Traci Tigue nearly a year ago.

All the while the Tigue's journey has inspired thousands of Brodie's 'Good Vibe Tribe' followers worldwide.

On Sept. 16 at 3 p.m. on WKYC Channel 3, their good stuff snowball rolls on when the T.D. Jakes' Show profiles the Tigues story.

In November 2015, five months after Traci Tigue had given baby Brodie life, she saved his life by donating what she calls a “sliver of her liver."

Brodie had been diagnosed with biliary atresia and would die without a liver transplant.

The news was just that frank and grim.

So when Traci found out she was a match, she gave 30 percent of her liver that would be Brodie’s life saving gift in a 10-hour surgery at the Cleveland Clinic.

Now 11 months later, the Tigue's journey, with a following of nearly 4,000 “Brodie's Good Vibe Tribers”, is going national on the T.D. Jakes Show.

"How cool is this," said Tigue. "We're here on national TV because WKYC helped us and educated and shared the good stuff. That's one of the hashtags we use all the time is #thegoodstuff about living and rebirth and all the incredible things that organ donation and the Cleveland Clinic have been able to do for us."

Sweetest Baby Brodie will be 16 months old next week.

Happy “everyday’s a gift” birthday, Brodie, from your WKYC News family.