It’s been almost a year and we’re no closer to answers about the death of a Lafayette Township trustee.

Bryon Macron disappeared a few days before Christmas last year and was found in Chippewa Lake months later.

Here’s a look at the timeline of events and the questions that have yet to be answered:

December 15 - Macron's wife is the last person to see the 45-year-old at their home.
7 a-m. the next day - A maintenance worker at the Lafayette Township Administration building, where Macron works as a trustee, finds an unusual scene in Macron's office. Police get a call and respond around 7:30.

Authorities begin their investigation and discover interesting findings.

"The lights were on, the door was unlocked and they found his office in a state of disarray,” Captain David Centner, Medina County Sheriff's Office, said.

Macron’s cell phone is left behind and police believe an altercation took place.

There are no security cameras at the building, but OnStar is activated in Macron's SUV, which is discovered about three miles away.

In the five days that follow, no sign of the husband and father of three.

Days later, investigators share that they found blood at his office and in his car.

Fast forward to February, two months after Macron is reported missing – a body is found in Chippewa Lake by a kayaker.

"Maybe he has a wife, maybe he has a family, wonder whatever happened, God brought me here today."

The body is confirmed to be Bryon Macron, former Marine, husband and father of three.

“The coroner's record identifies wounds on Mr. Macron as stab wounds,” Forrest Thompson, Medina County prosecutor, said.

April 2017 – After weeks of withholding autopsy results, the report is released and reveals marks on the forearms that could be viewed as defensive and a three-inch gash to the neck that managed to miss the jugular and carotid vessels.

The cause of death, still a mystery and raising the question: Why isn’t this treated as a homicide investigation?

Right now, the FBI is processing Macron’s computer in hopes of finding information to help in the case.

At this time, the family has hired their own private investigator to dig into the mysterious death.

There are no suspects.