LAFAYETTE TOWNSHIP, Ohio -- The Medina County Prosecutor's Office on Wednesday announced that the investigation into the death of Lafayette Township trustee Bryon Macron has been transferred to the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

According to a news release issued by the prosecutor's office, the Medina County Sheriff, prosecutor and Ohio BCI agreed to shift the investigation to BCI in a phone call June 6.

Macron disappeared a few days before Christmas in 2016. A township administration building maintenance worker found Macron's office in disarray and Macron's car was found about three miles away.

His body was found months later in Chippewa Lake. The coroner found stab wounds on the father of three and defensive wounds were discovered on Macron's forearms.

The coroner's report, however, did not conclude Macron died from the stab wounds. It cited drowning and hypothermia as potential causes, but could not determine a concrete cause of death.

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"The investigation conducted by Sheriff’s Detectives answered many questions surrounding this tragedy. Unfortunately, many questions remain in this ongoing investigation. The primary goal for expanding BCI's involvement is to ensure that every available investigative resource is brought to bear in order to find answers for the Macron family and the community," Sheriff Tom Miller and Prosecutor Forrest Thompson said in a joint statement issued Wednesday.

Macron's family previously hired a private investigator to look into his death.

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