An attorney for the wife of deceased Lafayette Township trustee Bryon Macron confirmed to WKYC Channel 3 News Wednesday that they have hired a private investigator to look into the case.

“I think that we’re all befuddled by the fact that we can’t get a firm handle on this,” attorney Richard Lille said.

On Monday, Medina County authorities said during a news conference that the cause and manner of Macron’s death were “undetermined” and that it was “unlikely a murder,” even though Macron was stabbed six times and his body was found in a lake.

“Based on all of the evidence obtained to date… no other person other than Bryon Macron was involved in his death,” Capt. David Centner said.

Centner also noted Macron incurred "a large amount" of financial debt prior to his disappearance. Centner did not provide additional details, however, on that debt.

Lillie described the officials’ account as “conjecture” and said there was “no evidence of egregious debt” and “no secret life” and denied the death was a suicide.

“He (Bryon Macron) was always rather ebullient, always outgoing, friendly, and that he was up until the day that he disappeared,” Lillie said, “even packed his kids’ lunches the night before the disappearance.”

Concerned that deputies were acting on “their own theory,” Lillie said the family now hopes to develop additional leads through their own investigator.

They are also waiting on leads that could come from Macron’s computer, which is now with the FBI.

A spokesperson could give no timeframe on how soon that would be processed, though Lillie expects is could take several more months.

Investigators with the Medina County Sheriff’s Department say they are also continuing to investigate.