It could be an episode on Dateline: a jeweler goes missing and there is blood in his office, all while a wife and three children struggle for answers.

Last Thursday, 45-year old Bryon Macron went to the Winking Lizard in Brunswick for a meeting of the Lafayette Township Association, where he served as a trustee.

He then returned to his home on Ivandale Drive, where his wife became the last person to see him.

The next morning around 7:30, a maintenance worker discovered signs of a fight inside Macron’s office, which included blood on the floor, items in disarray and Macron’s cell phone.

There was also blood in his SUV, parked three miles away off Beachside Boulevard near Chippewa Lake.

Sheriff’s deputies in Medina County have few leads. And though they say the disappearance may be out of character, it is not unprecedented.

In 1985, Hinckley Township Police Chief Mel Wiley also went missing in Medina County and never turned up.

Some investigators believe he left to start a new life in California.

Like Macron’s case, something never quite added up.

Investigators say Bryon Macron sold wholesale jewelry, but it remains unclear how much he might have been able to access.

A big guy and former marine, he has been described as someone who could take care of himself.