Less than an hour away from the Rock and Roll capital of the world, bluegrass music is alive and well.

For the cost of $10, a group of musicians who some call amateurs get to have their version of a good time.

Some grew up in Northeast Ohio, others brought their music with them from places ranging from West Virginia to Louisville, Kentucky.

What impressed us was just how unbelievably good they play. The good ones really do make it look so easy. There was a lot of talent in the room. They all love music. Most people here started playing an instrument at an early age, and they are all still going.

Their music is honest, genuine, emotional, and from the heart. Just like the people who play it.

And like singing the blues, it reminds us of song writers who have lived a full life. That might be why there are so many here, who enjoy playing songs about life's lessons.

But not everyone here has a few wrinkles to show their experience. One younger musician says this music found HIM.

The Bluegrass Jam here at the Lafayette United Methodist Church in Medina started out as a ministry effort over 10 years ago. This night hosted about 100 people, some nights host crowds of over 1,000.

They practice in smaller rooms. After a few minutes, they play on the big stage here at the church.

Some of these bluegrass junkies drove in from 2 or 3 counties away. Many of them grew up listening to names like Flatt and Scruggs, Ralph Stanley, and Bill Monroe. A lot of those names are lost to history now, but their music lives on.