Cleveland’s Horseshoe Casino has just hours to go before it is no more. At exactly 11:59 Monday night, doors close to the public.

But the city will not be losing its casino.

On Wednesday at 4 p.m. the facility will reopen and be rebranded as “Jack Casino.” Its sole owner will be Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert, who bought out Caesars Entertainment’s stake in the property last year.

The work will be around the clock.

“We’ll start with basically taking all of the money out of the games. Counting it, auditing it, and paying our taxes,” said Jack Entertainment’s Mark Tricano. “Then we’ll start the reopening. Really it’s a lengthy process because we’ll put all the chips back in the games. We’ll get the slot machines ready.”

Loyalty points will roll over and customers have a limited time to redeem receipts from slot machines.

Two other Ohio locations are also being renamed at the same time, Jack ThistleDown Racino and Jack Cincinnati Casino.

Throughout the rebranding process, there have been questions about the casino’s so-called “Phase II” plan to bring gaming to The Flats.

There is still no new word on that plan.

“Right now we’re going through a rebalancing of supply and demand in the market,” said Tricano, who described the vision for Phase II as a mixed-use property.