GREEN, Ohio — Canada geese migrating north are a sure sign of Spring, and corporate campuses, golf courses, and city parks with water features are attracting these travelers. 

They rest and feed, nipping on grass. They also leave a mess with their, uh, waste. 

In the City of Green, the goose control strategy has kicked into high gear. They've released the hounds. Sort of... 

Parks and Recreation Superintendent Michael Elkins explains, "The decoy dogs are here to trick the geese to think there are actually real dogs around." The deception seems to work.

Green is not alone in its attempts to deter geese. Jeff Hower has built a business on it. He owns Ohio Geese Control and uses trained Border Collies to humanely harass the geese. "We use Border Collies because they have the eye. It's called a predator state and they lock in on the geese and it makes them very nervous." 

The plastic cut outs in Green don't have eyes, but do spring into action. As long as there's a breeze blowing, the dog look-a-likes wave and spin in the wind. It has a similar effect on the birds.

Elkins added, "We love having geese visit, but we also want our parks to be clean and enjoyable for visitors." when it comes to humane harassment, what's good for the goose is good for the gander. 

If you'd like more information on humane goose control, click here to visit Ohio Geese Control.