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Immigrants from Sandusky ICE raid to be deported

According to Hola Ohio, 106 undocumented immigrants from the raids in Erie County were detained and 13 were released.

The firestorm is growing over the Trump Administration’s zero-tolerance policy allowing the children of migrants who enter the U.S. illegally to be separated from their parents.

Audio recordings released by the non-profit Pro-Publica reflect desperation.

In the meantime, Northeast Ohio is handling its own crisis.

“These kids are going to be permanently affected by this raid,” said Veronica Dahlberg of Hola Ohio.

Hola responded two weeks ago when ICE agents raided garden centers in Sandusky, and its staff has since been in touch with the families affected.

By their latest count, 106 undocumented immigrants were detained and 13 were released.

One woman left voluntarily for Mexico, but Dahlberg says, it did not go well.

“She was dropped with no ID, no money, and just the clothes that she went to work at Corso’s that day. And that’s what she was wearing when she was dropped off at night,” Dahlberg said.

Since deportation planes typically leave on Tuesdays, she believes as many as ten more people could go tonight and that eventually more than 30 people from the raid will be deported.

Lawmakers have also been involved. A spokesman for Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur said Tuesday their office is helping a detained woman get a passport for her daughter so the two can leave together.