History has seen its fair share of weird 911 calls, but this may be a new one.

According to the Wayne County Sheriff's Office, two men were arrested Tuesday morning after they apparently hopped onto a moving CSX freight train in Chippewa Township, then called 911 after becoming "scared" by the train's speed.

"It's going really, really fast," suspect Christian Hale, 20, said in the call. "It's scaring the s--t out of me." The train approached speeds of 60 miles per hour at points.

When asked by the operator why he was on the train if he did not work for the railroad, Hale replied, "Well..It's better than walking."

Hale and his friend Kevin Slone, 24, were actually able to stop the train near Doylestown using the emergency breaks on the freight cars. Deputies say Hale admitted to making the 911 call, and that he and Slone were both planning to get off in their hometown of Willard, in Huron County. However, they got stuck in between two cars, prompting the call to 911 when they were more than 50 miles away.

Both were charged with obstructing officials business and criminal trespass.