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Lake Erie high water levels affecting Vermilion River marinas

Rising waters could put a damper on summer season for some boaters

VERMILION, Ohio — Memorial Day weekend is upon us and at Vermilion's McGarvey's Landing, things are about to get real busy. 

It's the kick-off for boating season at marinas all along Lake Erie. "All of our marinas are sold out right now", says Bill Yancar of the Vermilion Port Authority. Great news, right? Not when you look at water levels in the Vermilion River. 

Yancar tells us, "Some of our marinas are impacted, some are not."

The five or six marinas located South of the Route 6 bridge may be in trouble. 

According to Yancar, "When the water's up, boats with flying bridges or high profiles aren't able to get under the bridge. It's just that simple." Another issue is if a boat does manage to get out in the morning, if the winds change and blow water into the river, they may not be able to get back to their slip. 

The City of Vermilion is already dealing with water-covered bulkheads, giving those who de-boat to visit town wet feet. Yancar says they're working on plans to float or cover the bulkheads so visitors can keep dry.