WESTLAKE -- One local group is providing support that is often hard to find for families with developmentally disabled children.

"Connecting for Kids" was started by local mom Sarah Rintamaki, who raised two children, both with developmental disabilities. She realized as they got older that she wanted to lend her experiences raising them to other parents.

Alison and Dane Smith recently joined the group, after moving to the Cleveland area for military reasons. They say they stressed about moving their 3 children, including their 6-year-old on the autism spectrum. That, though, has definitely changed.

"At first, when we were looking at Cleveland, we thought it may not be the greatest place in the world," Dane told WKYC, "As soon as I talked to people that lived here, they said hey, it's a hidden gem. Come here, the schools are great, the special needs support is great".

Alison says the group plays a vital role of introducing important life skills to developmentally disabled people at a young age.

"Early intervention is so important, and being around people that understand the difficulties of austism, is really very supportive", she tells us.

Learn more about "Connecting for Kids" here.