WARREN, Ohio — At Jefferson K-8 School in Warren, the principal's choice for parking would lead you to believe that spaces are hard to come by. 

Instead of parking in a normal space, Google satellite imagery and street-view pictures show one car that makes up a space of its own fairly often. A blue Chevy Equinox is parked in the striped area that is used to leave extra space for those who need to park in handicapped-accessible spots. 

Principal illegally parking in Trumbull County school
Google Earth

On Tuesday, School Resource Officer Adam Chinchic gave the principal a ticket for parking in a handicap space, then was promptly escorted out of the building.

In his citation, Chinchic had added that the principal had been warned not to park there, a caution that was apparently ignored. 

According to NBC-affiliate WFMJ, the principal contacted school administrators, who had Chinchic removed from the building by other security officers. 

City of Warren Law Director Greg Hicks says the officer made the right call, while the principal's decision to continuously break the law isn't a good example to send to students. 

"What signal does that send to the kids? Once you reach a certain status in life you don't have to follow the rules anymore?," Hicks asked.

Laws at the federal, state, and local level require handicapped spaces to be available and only placarded vehicles can park in them. These rules were violated by the principal. 

We reached out to Warren School Superintendent Steve Chiaro, who said in part: "An individual event should never affect the positive rapport and interactions out students and staff experience with our officers each day."

But the choice to create one's own parking space and remove the school's resource officer both look bad. 

We did reach out to the principal at the school, but were told that she was not taking calls. 

As for Officer Chinchic, he has been assigned to road patrol instead of his normal SRO assignment.