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Retired Twinsburg native turning heads wearing famous Predator costume

Did we mention he is in his 70's?

TWINSBURG, Ohio — Tony Roberson is not your average 71-year-old.

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"I basically do anything I want," laughed the Twinsburg native. 

This guy plays by his own rules. "Whatever I want to do is great," he said. 

At an age when most people are starting to slow down, Tony, on the other hand, is just getting started. 

"Retirement has been the best thing that could happen. I recommend it for everybody," said Roberson. 

While most men use retirement to hit the golf course, he was looking for something a little different. 

"I wanted something that was a challenge," he said. 

He first picked up painting to keep him busy. 

"I had never painted before," he said. "But I like Bob Ross." 

He also started a YouTube page, and it was while he was browsing YouTube is when he found his next challenge. 

What he found was an electric unicycle. 

Despite never being on a unicycle in his life, he bought it and learned to ride. 

"When you're learning how to ride a unicycle, you're gonna fall," he said. "But you need to dress right. Put on your pads. Put on your protection." 

And it was while wearing that padding is when he was given a bright idea. 

"People would say, 'you look like some sort of superhero!'" 

Tony took that statement to a whole new level. 

Inspired by his favorite movie, The Predator, he transformed his unicycle padding into a full-blown Predator costume and took it to the streets. 

"People love the Predator!" he laughed. "I never knew it could be so much fun." 

With every trip, he turns the head of everyone he passes by. 

"Mostly I get people yelling at me to stop, 'PREDATOR!!!'" he yelled. 

A memorable meeting at every turn. "People get a chance to see something they don't see every day." 

Tony takes the Predator from Twinsburg to downtown Cleveland and even down to Akron. "I go everywhere," he said. 

Getting attention in person and spreading joy to those he sees, Tony continues to prove that age is no factor in having endless fun. 

"It's one of the best things I have ever done." 

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