ASHLAND — The woman who called 911 and said she was held captive by accused serial killer Shawn Grate took the stand in his murder trail on Thursday afternoon.

Prosecutor Chris Tunnell asked Jane Doe to detail the first time she met Grate and their relationship prior to when she was reported missing. Doe described Grate as an "older brother" and said he was "kind of goofy, but struck me as kind." The two met at the Ashland Kroc Center and had spent some time together over lunch, discussing the bible and life.

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In the summer, Doe said Grate had wanted to show her a fort that he built where he watched fireworks on July 4th and said it was about an hour by walking to the location. Doe said it ended up taking a couple of hours.

Doe said she looked at Grate like a “big brother,” talking to him about life and the Bible.

At times she couldn’t find the words as she fought through the tears describing the moments she says Shawn Grate ripped a bible from her hands at the home where he was living, leading to a fight.

“That’s when he said, ‘You’re not going anywhere,’” said Doe as she took the stand to face the man she said raped and held her captive.

“I was doing everything, trying to kick, punch,” Doe said. “But everything I did, he just did it so much harder.”

Doe said Grate began to choke her and that’s when she stopped struggling.

“I stopped because I knew I couldn’t get out of it.”

Doe continued saying she was raped repeatedly, tied up, and did not eat anything during her time there.

“I couldn’t move without him jumping without reaction.”

Doe said she was not allowed to go to the bathroom with Grate walking her to the room.

Doe said she managed to call 911 but also hit a taser which let out a sound that “accidently” woke up Grate who then returned to sleep.

The defense cross-examined Jane Doe with questions about any issues with Grate before the encounter at the house, but Jane Doe said he respected her boundaries prior to the physical struggle.

Medical professional took the stand on Wednesday morning to discuss the medical examination and rape kit that was conducted when Doe escaped. A physician assistant said an examination showed there was physical "trauma" signs, but she did not suffer non-life threatening injuries.

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Grate is facing murder charges in a 23-count indictment for killing two women, Elizabeth Griffith and Stacey Stanley, and the rape and kidnapping of a third woman identified as Jane Doe.